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Reading Schweser or CFAI text after listening to Mark Meldrum's lectures?

I am listening to Mark’s lecures on Derivatives and he is doing a great job in explaining simple logic and walking through curriculum BB questions, my concern is should i read schweser or CFAI text on derivatives after watching his lectures or go straight to EOC?

"indispensable down the final stretch and had a HUGE impact on my studies." - Christopher, USA

How to get these videos ?

No, you don’t need to read Schweser after watching Mark Meldrum’s videos. I make notes after watching Mark’s videos and then do practice questions. However, I have noticed that some of his videos could be too detailed and slow. If you also notice that, then you also need to go to Schweser Notes for such topics to keep up the momentum.

Hi sbmayuri,

You can subscribe to Mark Meldrum’s CFA Level 2 videos on

It cost $17 per month to subscribe and the quality of videos is very very good. You can cancel it anytime if you don’t like it.

I have subscribed to Mark Meldrum’s Videos for CFA Level 2 exam.

Thanks Sydneyguy,

Hi sbmayuri, You are welcome smiley

I only watch his videos and I usually do great in EOC. I only used his videos for level 1. Never read a single book and scored pretty good so Im sticking with him. Buy his notes and follow along and you’re more than ok!

Hi All,

Just wondering, if anyone just used his videos without purchasing the Schweser Notes.