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49 days before the exam - Plan

Hi Dear All, 

My name is Aurelie Yapi, from Côte d’Ivoire, a french-speaking country in West Africa. I’m a Level  2 Candidate in the CFA Program. It’s my second time to take it. My english skills are good. 

Unfortunately, for some professional and particularly personal emergencies, I accumulated delay on my study plan. I was a little discouraged but I decided to continue to study. At this time, I just need some help at this moment, at 49 days before the exam. Unfortunately, it’s today that I received the advice to get connected with some candidates on this forum.

I’m ok with Ethics, Corporate Finance and I’m reviewing books for which I have something in my mind again, FRA and Equity and perhaps Fixed Income. I hope to finish these books before the end of the month. 

Is someone available to help me? 

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Unfortunately the only advice anyone can give you is to study and to practice. Since this is your second time taking it you probably retained something from the first time, so I would suggest starting off with practice for a few days. This practice will help you realize what topics you need to revisit.

Also base your review on your score breakdown from last time, and focus on the weaker areas.

Best of luck 

Thank you so much. 

I’m reading end of books summary + Practice problems of Curriculum and Concept Checkers of SchweserNotes. I hope it will work. 

Thanks a lot.