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My Notes... Based on 2017 CFAI Material


"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA

notes are absolutely wonderful, thanks Frankliving!!

Great effort . Appreciate your selfless initiative. Salutes to you Frankliving

the link is not working…thx

Hi Frankliving ..

Since the link aint working can you share the notes with me on my email id..

Thanks a ton in advance mate.. Goodluck to One and all for your Exams .. Hopefully we Kill it ! (:

Could you please send to me as well, thanks! :) 

The notes are absolutely wonderful, much appreciated Frankliving!!

Could i get a copy too? I send you A DM.


Could you please send to me as well, thank you very much! :)

if somebody could pass along i would be much obliged. Frankliving, you are one of a kind!

Could anyone please pass it along? The link doesn’t work anymore. Thank you in advance and much appreciate for sharing Frank!

Would love a copy as well!

It keeps giving me google drive error. If you don’t mind can you please send me your notes via email? Myemail is


Much appreciated!  

It is giving error. Please share it on

Anyone from the group pls.

Please share with me on

Thanks in advance! :)

Unable to forward while at work so will do it later on…. guys who have my notes already please do share with others…

Be as you wish to seem. Socrates

Ill be waiting! Thanks in advance.

if you could send that would be much appreciated!


Its showing error, Can u mail it to me on


Can u please send the notes copy on as gdrive is showing error


Thanks! :)

Thank you Frankliving for sharing, your notes are not only comprehensive, but also very well organized and easy to review! 

Could you please send a copy to, Thank you very much!!

Thank you!!!!!

Could you please send a copy to

Thank you!

Please send the notes to me as well.

Need all the help I can get as I just finished reading 28.


Could you please send me a copy of the notes too

Trying to link together all the materials using summary notes..

Thanks a lot in advance !!

Kindly send me a copy of the notes, need some pointers ^^ at 

Thanks for sharing in advance!

Thanks for sharing! Can you please send me a copy at