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Edit *double post*

"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA

Tommyjohn wrote:

your mock scores last year scare the HELL outta me. Makes me think that I was lucky to get Band 9, and my actual level of competency was much lower.

those are awfully high mock scores for a Band 8 Fail….

youre telling me you got a 67.5% on a full exam last year and then a 46/60 on a half exam (the 77%) and still failed?!?!

You can see by how wild those ranges are for last year that I had clear strong subjects and clear weak subjects so I was at the mercy of the weighting for the real exam and I absolutely did not get any help there on the real test last year. The high scores most likely are mocks that were weighted to my strong suits. Its really all about the weighting when your strengths and weaknesses are so far apart for level 2. This year I still had a wide gap between strengths and weaknesses but both were much better than last year. I think that point is clearest on volume one test 2 where I got an 85% (24 of the 60 questions were equity, got 23 of them) and a 63.33 (24 of the questions were FRA, 12/24). I was pretty disappointed by the weighting of the actual exam this year but it was fair and I felt more prepared to take on my weak subjects. If I were to guess I would say that there’s probably not a huge difference in scores in the first few bands and then a steep drop off somewhere in the middle.

real exam was alot easier and straight forward than any of the mocks and TTs  IMO

Just did a little simulation of actual possible scenarios there it ranged from 60%-68%. The 70% pass might be real neh