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Those who wrote L2 exam -quantitative versus qualitative questions

For those who recently wrote the CFA L2 exam, please indicate the rough proportion of qualitative(no calculation involved) and quantitative questions(some calculation involved) . I was having the impression that the L2 exam is heavily calculation/quantitative oriented but reading the various posts does not indicate so. Hence, the above query please. Thanks.

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Can’t say. Go read what cfa I says. They give some direction.

youre asking a difficult question, and heres why: not all questions devoid of numbers are truly “qualitative”. For instance if they ask you what happens to the price of a putable bond when IRs go up, you can simply use this formula:

VPutable= VStr8+VPut

i think of the 120, maybe 40 of them are purely number oriented. pure numbers. but there are many others that involve formulas without numbers there. 

Thanks Tommyjohn for your clarification and guidance

It was more quantitative than Level  exam. I would say half are quantitative out of 120

Thanks Shaz