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At which university did you study and what was your course?

bumsookim1985 wrote:

my guess is one deals with machines, the other one does not…

more or less yes.

Mechanical engineer deals with machine and related sciences like fluiddynamics, thermodynamics, mechatronics, control systems,… at ETH Zurich it’s one of the most quantitative and challenging faculty (you do mathematics and physics with people that are learning math resp. physics)

Civil engineer builds buildings, bridges,…

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taytus wrote:
S2000magician wrote:
taytus wrote:
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

What’s the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer?

Are you kidding me? :)

Mechanical engineers build weapons.

Civil engineers build targets.


(Remember: I was a warhead designer for 10 years.)

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A civil engineer is a mechanical engineer with his brains knocked out :)

Harvard (AB, English Literature)

BSc Econ and MSc Finance.

MSc in Accounting, London School of Economics.

BS in Management, University of South Carolina.