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Has anyone used Fintree Videos?

I found them to be sooo useful, but I did not get to know how I could access the rest of them. For a topic I was maybe able to view part 1 of four or something like that. Anyone who knows please let me know.


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You should consider using IFT or Schweser videos.

Yes, Fintree videos for CFA level 2 exam are very good. The instructor Utkarsh Jain has done a great job. If you need full access you can buy their videos. Youtube only shows parts of the video as samples.

Yes. I used Fintree videos for CFA Level 1, Level 2 and FRM Part 1.

I am extremely satisfied.

I am a chemical engineer with zero work experience in finance. I passed CFA Level 1 in June 2016 (first attempt), FRM Part 1 in November 2016 (first attempt) and awaiting CFA Level 2 results. 

If you are an Indian, i strongly recommend his CFA videos. 


I used Fintree videos when I was having a hard time with derivatives. I initially bought the derivatives module first but Utkarsh was so good I eventually bought the whole L2 package. The instructor helps with the whole CFA process -  from the study plans, to which notes to take, to the sample exams. I’m not from India btw! So recommending it wherever you are in the world! 

Hi Phil,

Can you please share the CFA Level 1 exam videos of Fintree?