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Congratulations to all who passed LI and LII! To those who didn’t chin up, I’m sure you’ll figure out where it went wrong and pass next time.

Do anyone know when we will be able to register for next year’s exam? I’ve seen posts about the exam date being 23/06/18, but I’d still like to sign up for LIII ASAP to ensure I have all the material available when I decide to start.

Other benefits of signing up early include the ability to update your LinkedIn profile to 2018 Level III Candidate in the CFA Program wink

"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success... really keeps me motivated and charging ahead." - Lindsey G., USA

You can register today after 12 ET

Based on my understanding, CFA exams are on the first Saturday of June. So it’ll be 2nd June 2018.

As to registration date, I believe it is today. 27th July 2017.

Edit: just checked CFAI website. It is 23 June 2018. Few more weeks to study!!!

jbjr201 wrote:

You can register today after 12 ET


Just registered for L3, good luck

Chuckycheese wrote:

Edit: just checked CFAI website. It is 23 June 2018. Few more weeks to study!!!

Damn, that sucks - not how I wanna spend my summer / june. :(

Also you can register for the next exam (I just did!).

I also registered yesterday (GMT +2 here). The fact that the exam has been pushed back isn’t ideal as it will take up a large part of June, but looking at the positive side, hopefully it’s the last CFA exam we will sit so let’s make it count.

I don’t want to register yet but wanted to see the LOS. Is there anyway one of you who registered email it to me? Can’t find anywhere to download it. 

goodluck90 wrote:

Thanks. I spent an hour yesterday and the day before looking for it and was on that page before but guess they didn’t post it then.

Any word on the weights yet?