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When to finish practice problems


Seems like there is a lot of variation on this site, but when I should try to finish the readings by?

I was thinking of finishing the readings by mid december, then work on practice problems until exam day. 

I know it is really early to finish the readings and start practice problems, but I won’t be able to dedicate more than 20 hours per week going into 2018. 

Does this seem reasonable? What may be the other downsides to finishing the readings this early other than burning out/forgetting the material as we head into next spring?

Thank you!

"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA

This is what I am planning to do:

Finish all the reading by 31st Jan 2018. Do Curriculum End of Chapter practice questions after each reading if possible.

Feb 2018 - March 2018: Revision of all the readings with practice questions

April - May 2018: Topic Tests, Mock Exams

Last 3 weeks of June: Revise End of Chapter Questions and Mock Exams

I jump right on PC and only go back to reading if not understanding the concept. 

Practice makes perfect.