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Volume 4. Page 443, Solution 1. 

Anyone else catch this error? 

Should be: 0.995 - 1.000 = - 0.005

I rarely see errors so I am double checking. 

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E-mail CFA Institute ( and let them know; if they agree with you, they’ll name the erratum after you, and you’ll be famous.

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I definitely caught typographical errors in both the Level 1 CFAI and Schweser materials, nothing major and none that were calculation based. Didn’t report em because I figured it would be funny to them for me to report a silly spelling/grammar mistake and then turn out to not even pass the exam lol.. they’d certainly have a laugh at my expense there.

The new “QBank style” practice/topic tests that CFAI recently switched to though…that’s a whole other can of worms in terms of errors. Hope that’s fixed prospectively.