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How long does it take you to go through the EOC practice problems?

How long does it take you to go through a set of practice problems in the EOC?

For example, in capital budgeting today I got bogged down for 3 hours for 4 multiple choice questions. 

That seems way too slow to me..

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When I went through the L2 EOCs I tried to always stay under 18 mins per item set, or 3 mins per question… which is the time you’re allotted on average for each item set on exam day. 

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How were you able to allocate time to the actually reviewing the practice problems if you only dedicated 3 min to each one?

You need to move a lot faster in actual testing.. but if you’re learning, then it might take a while.

I just spent like 45 minutes on 2 swap qbank questions., by going over it in various ways and going backwards etc.. helps me learn. boy I hope these questions are easier on the actual exam!