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Hip Surgery


I may have to get two hip surgeries at the end of march and april. Its basically an arthoscope on both my hips.

I know its close to the exam date, but do you know if anyone was able to survive this and still do well on the exam?

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You will find several posters here who gave birth shortly before the exam.  I think determination and time availability are the most important items.

Best ask the surgeon how long you’ll be out of action.  Exam is toward end of June, so that still leaves you a fair bit of time.

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If it’s surgery to repair labral tears, then you should only be unable to study for a few days and given that it’s early enough, you should be fine.  Good luck!

Yup! its basically to shave off some bone and stich back the labrum.

Could you delay the surgery until after the exam?  That’s what we’re doing. I get that you probably can’t run much and that’s frustrating, but our understanding is that the surgery isn’t that urgent that it can’t be put off a few months. Good luck to you with both the surgery and the exam!