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Mock from Mark Meldrum

Can anyone say about the quality of Mock in Mark Meldrum? I am considering to do these.

"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada

i think Mark is just buying mocks from another third party provider. Make sure you dont buy two similar things from different sources with different prices.

It's a long shot, gotta make it.

He is using IFT mocks.

I believe he was using a different mocks before IFT. and how’d you know he’s using IFT? have you bought from him?

It's a long shot, gotta make it.

yes, i have gone for the full package ie videos + mocks..

in his website he is using IFT mocks.

Using Finquiz Mocks ohh gosh