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What is the proportion of the curriculum is tested each year?

Hi to all of you,

Hope everybody will get the results they deserve (or not).

Now that the pressure is riding down the yield curve I am just wondering what is the proportion of curriculum is tested each year.

Do 6 hours of exam compared to hundreds of hours of studying to get the pass (word?) to get closed to paradise are enough?

It is closed to 10% to me.

What do you think about that?

I am french so my english is not that good. Please do not get pay to much attention to the form.


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You can always approximate it by looking at the mock exams and solutions provided by CFAI. The solutions provided list the relevant LOS. So just count all distinct LOS required to solve a mock and divide by the total number of LOS in the whole study material. If you actually end up doing that I would be interested in the result :-).

Thanks. Pretty rational.