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Why errata?

So one thing I dont get… all the third party providers and also with CFAI online content/mocks/topic tests…

Why do they all post an errata rather than updating their content directly? I assume they all use some type of content management system.. why not just update that typo or miscalculation ?

I understand the ebooks can’t easily be updated because some students have it downloaded already.. but the online content should be updatable?

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I guess there would be copyright issues that prevent them from altering the content directly.

What if someone has already passed a material and they change it inconspicuously after? Don’t these people have a right to know about these mistakes? 

There are hard copies as well; those they cannot change.

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It is quite frustrating but something you learn to check after L1. I wish they would email candidates when they update it. I usually check and try to remember the errata and which books have the most. They can update it after this time as well.

Sometimes you question knowing it must be a mistake and then it’s L1 and L2 I found more mistakes outside the errata…sometimes you question and get the mistake which makes me feel a little more confident in my understanding.

personally, they should aim to have zero errata and potentially an area they can improve..six sigma errata lol