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Compared to CFA, how difficult is FRM? I know this is the wrong category but people aren’t active there. 

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"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada

I took the FRM many years ago but at the time it was harder on the math but easier to study for than the CFA.  

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I did FRM level 1 and I would say the questions are between level 1 and level 2 difficultly; some are even harder. With that said, the MPS is lower and the volume of material to get through is less. I studied from Aug 1st last year one to two hours per day. Finished one month before and did two weeks of Schweser Qbank and four mocks the last two weeks. I passed easily. The material was pretty  interesting around financial crime/fraud and risk management cases. FRM can be similar to CFA material, but they show you slightly different ways of doing similar calculations. You’ll also learn aspects that CFAi are adding to the curriculum around various VaR measures and forecasting volatility models such as GARCH and EWMA

the exam Centre was at a university not in the city with no public transport..they also have a city campus…go figure. Proctors were uni students and one even brought out his phone during the exam. It was in a lecture class with time A5 desk space which was annoying. Every hour a bell went off for a min. Not sure if each exam Centre is like this but mine was. Some girls alarm went off at 8am and she got kicked out straight away!


I took both levels couple of years ago. It would be easy if you work at buy side and are good at quantitative. lots of fixed income/derivatives knowledge. Special topics are fun part and changing every year. It is good to understand basic of risk management.

Ok thanks guys. So is there Derivatives too in FRM like CFA? And, the study procedure similar to CFA? Get notes from Schweser and video lectures ?? BA ii plus calculator? I am strong with calculations. And, weakest or should I say Derivatives definitely not my cup of tea. 

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Think you can use the BA II plus calculator.  Prep provider I used was Bionic Turtle which had some great information.  There are some free YouTube videos out there I think.

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^ okay thanks man

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