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How to best study for Level 2...

Hey everyone, 

Level 2 Candidate here, about to commence studying for Level 2 coming up in June 2019 (yes I know it’s 8 months away, lol). I understand Level 2 is the hardest of the three, or at least, that’s the general consensus. I also understand you can’t study for this exam like you did Level 1, and should focus more on understanding and applying material rather than memorization and just spitting out concepts, vocab, formulas, etc… 

With that being said, what are techniques you people have found effective, in terms of actually applying and understanding the material for Level 2? Are there techniques you used for Level 2 that you didn’t have to use for Level 1, and if so, what were they? 

Any tips are much appreciated, not only for me, but also for the other June 2019 hopefuls out there!

Thanks again CFA community!

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Well, every person has different study approaches and strategies, but I did this:

1) Read all the chapters without exception at least 90 days before the exam.

2) Wrote note cards by hand for future consult.

3) Made an excel tracker of chapters read, allocated time per chapter, exercises done and score, etc.

4) Solved all EOC questions and CFAI online vignettes (candidate resources).

5) Solved like 6 mocks.

6) Got a free week from work to review and put all together.

7) Thought many times I wouldn’t pass, but passed.

You can try this or your own set, you will pass if you commit enough ;)

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Thank you Harrogath!