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How many of you started writing mock exams?

Anyone? whats your average score?

I am planning to start after April 15th 2019……..

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Not the full Mocks yet but doing part of the Mocks like Fixed Income, Ethics, FRA, Derivative, Portfolio ,Management etc

I’m doing the CFA online questions. Did pretty well in Quant and Econ, but Equity is killing me. Haven’t even started on the other sections yet (for the online practice). Plus it’s getting really hard to retain info - I feel like I’m constantly forgetting stuff….same feeling as in L1…but lot worse….don’t know what else to do except keep chugging along….

Online Practice Exam: taken last month and scored 72%

Official mock 2019: Taken today and scored AM 70%, PM 78%

Congrats!! What is your study strategy for retaining info? 

54% on MM’s first AM mock. Did really bad on derivatives and PM.

Starting this weekend.

First mock this weekend hopefully, then will try and get through 2 a week until D-Day. Averaged 69% on the TTs, but still plenty of areas I’m not comfortable with.

Does anybody do one Mock Exam (either AM or PM) every day?