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Final Exam Review - Kaplan, Wiley, Etc.

Hi All, 

Has anyone heard good or bad reviews about any of the below, final review courses? I’m trying to increase my odds of passing the exam, and think this could help. Perhaps its better just to do practice problems instead of a formal review. Your thoughts are appreciated! 

  1. Kaplan 3-day (online)
  2. Kaplan 5-day (NY or Texas)
  3. Kaplan 7-day Windsor Week (Canada)
  4. Wiley 11th Hour Review (online)


Make the most of your CFA® Progam prep in one weekend! Join renowned instructors Peter Olinto & David Hetherington in May for a live, two-day intensive final review class.

If you have the time then maybe go for it, personally though I think going through practice problems is probably your best bet. This way you can actually identify and address your weaker areas rather than covering over all content including stuff that you are already strong in; effort which IMO could be used better.