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Test for 2019: 18 item sets of 6 questions, 3 itemsets with 4 questions

“I cannot comment on the selection of topics. But, I can point out that we are experimenting with shorter item sets. Last year there were 20 item sets with six questions each. This year we will have 18 item sets that are six questions and 3 item sets that are 4 questions. This doesn’t change how you should prepare. It just allows us a little more flexibility in selecting topics to test.”

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My guess, quant will be one of the 4 question itemsets.

125mph wrote:

My guess, quant will be one of the 4 question itemsets.

I guess the psychology behind introducing 4 question itemsets is that a topic can be tested with 2 Item Sets with 6 + 4 questions instead of 2 Item sets with 6+6 questions or instead of just 1 item set with 6 questions.

I don’t think it’s to test a topic with 1 item set with 4 questions instead of if it would have been tested with 1 item set with 6 questions with previous 6 questions item sets.