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Kaplan Schweser - Practice Exam 1 Book

Has anyone attempted to solve the the CFA L2 Kaplan Schweser Practice Exam Book 1 (2019). I took the morning session and I was totally zapped by the questions and the cases. I had difficulty in understanding some of the questions. I found the practice problems at the end of CFAI Chapters and CFAI online resource center Questions more clear and to the point.

Any feedback on taking Schweser Practice Exams (2019), should one do it or not. 

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I saw few questions got dizzy switched to cfai mocks 

Yeah, I just finished the taking the Practice Book 1 - Exam 1 (morning & afternoon session), I was really surprised by the questions, many of them were just too formula related and that too not straight to the point calculation but you have plug for the unknown variable. At the end of it, I was really demotivated. I am moving to back CFAI EOC and CFAI Online Questions. 

I am very surprised with Kaplan material for CFA L2, their material and practice exams were much better for CFA L1. 

Good luck to all L2 Candidates.