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I went through EOC once and some twice but havent looked at them in like 2 months.. I kept doing mocks and TT instead. Do you think I made a mistake? Is there a particular topic you’d recommend doing EOC for at this point?


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I’m redoing all TTs / Mocks and going to review EOCs since I’ve written most of them out in note format (ones I got wrong). I’d also supplement all of this with some review book like the Secret Sauce to fill in any gaps. Have you done all the TTs yet? How are your scores coming out? 

I’m curious how much the TTs cover vs what you’ll see on exam day….

Say in a good scenario that TTs, mocks, and EOCs cover 80% of what you’ll see on exam day. If you score 85-90% on 80% of the material (which is good), then you’re just barely passing…

My scores are 70-80%. I have been reviewing material along the way too, just never really redid EOC cause I found mocks more entertaining… and there are so many EOC its overwhelming.