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2019 CFAI Mock Exam A

What scores have you gotten on the 2019 CFAI mock exam A?

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I got a 63 on Mock A and a 69 on Mock B. I thought Mock A was pretty difficult while writing it, but after reviewing the questions I got wrong I made a few silly mistakes. For me, Mock A taught me the lesson of being careful to focus on details and not to rush through the questions. At the time I was writing it though, I thought it perhaps the most difficult Mock I have taken. 

matt123 wrote:
I  got a 63 on Mock A and a 69 on Mock B.

Did you get similar % on mock B?

Vincit qui se vincit. Publilius Syrus

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76 on Mock A and 62 on Mock B. I thought both were difficult - I just happened to guess well on A. Definitely more difficult than any of the 8 other mocks I’ve taken.

If anyone is looking for more last minute material, I thought Chalk & Board had a good mock. 

Do any retakers have thoughts on how difficult this year’s CFAI mocks were relative to prior years?

My 63 was on full Mock A (both AM and PM). 

May 69 was on full Mock B (both AM and PM)

68 Mock A (AM + PM) and 72 Mock B (AM + PM)

Wondering what others got for their first tries?

Mock A 62 and 66

Mock B 78, PM will attempt tomm

A 75/73
B 78/57

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AM 55; PM tomorrow

Haven’t gotten anything below 67% in weeks; honestly in shock

Just completed Mock A, seems the general consensus is people found AM notably more difficult than PM.

For me, it was the other way round. 75% AM, 63% PM. PM was virtually all qualitative questions with several of the item sets based around pretty small topics!

A PM 73