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Retakers - was this as difficult as your previous attempts ??

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Oh yes. May be more than last year.

@drewm thanks. Others ?

Not easy to compare because Topic weights have changed From CFA Level 2 Exam Curriculum for 2018 and CFA Level 2 Exam Curriculum for 2019.

Last year I was underprepared. I watched every Meldrum video and did some EOCs but I didn’t put in enough work at the end. I spent probably 200+ hours on Meldrum videos alone but that wasn’t as useful as spending 50 hours doing questions and mocks.

Having said that, I thought this year was harder. I don’t remember last year having a couple tough areas like the afternoon seemed to have this year.

But also last year the weights were funky. 

20% alts/derivs

10% corp fin

10% econ

15% equity

10% fixed

15% FRA

5% PM

5% quant

40% of the test filled and you still haven’t hit the “big four” (equity, fixed, FRA, and quant). Fixed, PM, and quant made up for as much as econ and corp fin.

This year seemed more straightforwardly weighted towards the big four.