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Nathan Ronen/Chalk & Board

Has anyone used Nathan Ronen’s program for Level II?  I used KS for Level I and Level II - though I’ll be taking Level II for the third time in 2020.  Curious to know if I need to change things up a bit.  


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try mark meldrum. it was very effective @ L2.

I used Nathan Ronen’s online program for level 2 and as a second-time taker of the Level II exam, I could definitely tell the difference in learning the CFA material. Nathan’s approach is vastly different from how KS because he teaches the material in an integrated and holistic manner where you can actually appreciate the knowledge you’re learning. His course is definitely worth the money you’d be spending for a prep provider.

I used him for L3. Depends on how you learn. If you like to read the curriculum whilst listening to someone then Natgan is good. Especially if you give yourself time to re watch all the vids. If you just want vids only, use Wiley or Mark Mel. 

The key to passing is truly in doing enough practice exams. I did two and almost passed back in band 10 days. Year before, I did 11 and hit 90th percentile. 

I highly rate IFT exams: you can buy three for 40-50 dollars.  


Does Nathan Ronen use cfai text or use some sort of his own consolidated notes?

I used Nathan for L2 and passed on first attempt. He definitely teaches in a holistic manner, and he has great advice along the way. He would integrate practice questions that pulled from different areas of material. I agree that practice exams are the most important thing - Nathan hammered home the need to start early and hit AT LEAST 10, and I think this was the key to my success. He also had a good mock exam through his item sets workshop. (But agree that IFT does a nice job also.)