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Review of Level I before Level 2

Question for those who passed Level II. Did you review level I at all before diving into level II? Given it’s cumulative, would that be helpful? I passed L1 and got above 90th percentile, but I just today took an unused Kaplan mock for level I (to see if I was rusty already or not) and don’t feel great about how I did. Some sections really tough like FI, currency questions and derivatives. Assuming these get worse in L2. 

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I’d love to hear some responses. I passed Level 1 8 years ago and have worked as an advisor since.

Everything on level 1 that needs to be known on level 2 will usually be explained in the first part of a reading. There isn’t really a need to go back and review the level 1 curriculum for level 2. However, I would suggest NOT relying only on Kaplan notes for level 2 prep. CFAI material is a must for 2.

Rules_of_Acquisition hit the nail on the head. No need to review Level 1 material as the Level 2 material is explained thoroughly, in my opinion .

On the contrary, I will add I relied exclusively on Kaplan notes, with the exception of using the topic tests and Qbank on the CFAI website. 

No need to go through previous levels. If you have for some reason skipped a topic (like derivatives or alternatives), it might help to review those sections, but it isn’t necessary. 

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I did not review L1 at all, you already have a lot of material in L2, focus on that so you have time to practice a lot. I did all the mocks possible in the last 2 months. All CFA mocks avg score 67-70%. 6 Kaplan mocks avg score 65-67%, Quartic (new prep provider) 2-3 mocks, and a lot of practice tests (all cfa online ones, all of EOC 2 times, Kaplan Qbank) 

Please don’t go review level 1 haha, you will have enough things to study for level 2.  

I would be very impressed if you have the determination, tenacity and time to go through level 1 before going through level 2.  You have my utmost respect if you do that but I personally think it is a bad time investment. 

Nope you dont need to review. Alot of level 1 will come on level 2 but you just relearn it as its explained again.

Only spend your time on L2 material. You only have so many hours a day so don’t waste it on non essential material 

Waste of time. I had 18 months between l1 and L2. Opened the L1 books a couple of times to check something but absolutely no need to review again. 

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m waiting for my company approval on level 2 so maybe I’ll pass the time going over some of the more challenging readings of level 1. But I’ll do it over beers so it’s not a complete waste of time :)

Waste of time. Everything you need to know is on the level 2 curriculum and a huge part of what you saw on level one will forever be forgotten and not even mentioned on level 2