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Study with a Job or full time ??

Hello Everyone
Thanks to this platform for solving my doubts and everyone who helped me here.
I am planning on giving Level 2 in June 2020. I am a fresher. I have the option of studying full time but I also think experience is important. 
I am confused on whether to apply for a job and study or study full time until June?? because I have heard that for Level 2 you need a lot of Practice and time.

Thank you already!

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Apply for job and L2 is managble with job. Practical experience is the best teacher and yes you would need to have 4 years of experience to be a CFA member. L2 needs time and effort but is still manageable with job. Enrol with some good prep provider ( would recommend Mark Meldrum) and just follow along!!! All the Best for your prep.

I just completed level 2 and can say that working full time and studying for level 2 is entirely doable. There will be times where the studying for level 2 entirely consumes your life, however…

Do either.   If living at home I would study and worry about work later.   If you have someone paying your bills just study…jobs in canada are hard to come by.   

Get a haircut and go get a job lazy person!

I’m joking.

Most people do this while working full time. So, it’s more than doable, it’s what’s done. If you don’t need to work and you are fine with waiting years to comple the work requirement, then study full time. Be careful though about waiting too long to start. Some of the material is very dry and/or detailed. Give yourself time to study appropriately. 

Anyone contemplating the CFA program is definitely not lazy.

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Get a job. There is more to life than CFA. Most people signed up are working full time jobs, some in investment banks working horrific hours! That said, as long as you have a job that allows you most evenings and weekends free then it is manageable! 

Yes I encourage you to stay as busy as possible as it will help you stay motivated. I’m switching career as I work full time at a hospital as a dietitian. Took grad courses at the same time throughout the year. I’ll also be using Wall Street Prep to learn technical skills as well this time around in addition to finishing my grad program. There is always time, just keep your priorities straight..Passed level 1 on my first try above the 90th percentile this June. Just start now and stay consistent and focused with it. Weight training and staying healthy helped me a lot to stay motivated too. I used Mark Meldrum throughout the whole study process and I give him an A+. Never even read the book except for EOCQ. 

I’ll be grinding with you…


As long as you can get at least 2hrs of study per day i think you should be fine

I’d suggest you go for a job too. You have plenty of time to study for 2020 L2, and it’s important to gain valuable work  experience (and of course earn some money!!)

Thank you so much everyone. I’ll surely find a good finance job!

I passed level 2 & 3 while working 50 hours a week, coaching lacrosse, dating a bat **** crazy gf, AND drank booze in the library the whole time.

its entirely doable. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

CEO10K-DAY wrote:

I passed level 2 & 3 while working 50 hours a week, coaching lacrosse, dating a bat **** crazy gf, AND drank booze in the library the whole time.

its entirely doable. 

Hell Yeah! 

Thank you so much!