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How to calculate Expected Return?

Hey guys, 

Can you please help me understand this? I don’t know if I’ve understood the case study wrongly or if there are inconsistencies with the calculation provided. (from the 2020 textbook)

On page 55, 

P0 = 129.97, V0 = 176.3, r = 6.3%

Solution given: Expected Return = [(176.3 - 129.97)/129.97] + 6.3% = 44.07%    —-   (Price Appreciation + r)

On page 56,

P0 = 33.31, V0 = 37.5, Dividend = 0.96, r = 7%

Solution given: Expected Return = (0.96/33.31) + [(37.5 - 33.31)/33.31) = 15.5%   —-   (Dividend Yield + Price Appreciation)

Why didn’t they add in the r for the latter example?

Thank you in advanced!

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I haven’t got the 2020 curriculum yet. Are you sure that the second example isn’t a realized return? 

A very common reocurring theme every time I thought the curriculum had a mistake in it, was to re-read it until I actually understood it. 

There likely is a reason why it wasn’t included. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.