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What order to study topics

For Level I I started with Quants and went through topic by topic till I got to the end, then I did Ethics. For Level II I’m thinking about starting with Equity because it’s the one that interests me the most. In what order are you guys moving? What’s your logic?

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The topics are intended to be independent, so you can choose any order that you like.

You might want to start with areas where you’re weakest, to give yourself extra time to absorb them.

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Interestingly I tend to go the other way; study the weakest areas last so that they are the freshest in my mind.

In reality though, as long you are leaving enough time at the end to review the whole curriculum and do mock exams, then it shouldn’t make too much difference. 

I started with Quant. Next FI, Derivatives, and FRA. In the new year, everything else. I’m following Mark Meldrum’s program. 

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