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What happened to the Timeprep CFA app?

Anyone know what happened to this app?  I see a couple links to it when I web search for it but if I click on “View in App Store” it says “This app is not available in your country/region”.

I used Timeprep to help plan my Level I study path and it helped in terms of knowing what goals to reach each day and was easy to reallocate the material if something didn’t go as planned at the push of a button. 

I made my own study plan in Excel for Level II but things haven’t been going as planned and I want to reallocate but it’s a lot more work having to readjust everything in Excel considering it’s early on in the curriculum than just pushing a button in TimePrep.. 

Just curious if anyone had any info on this. 

Thanks in advance!

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Only noticed it disappeared from the site.