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progress report

i blame the red sox on my lack of studies, but hopefully we’ll have this thing wrapped up this weekend. it’s rainy here so i’m reading. finishing SS13 today in the CFA books which finishes up quant. i might take a look at the schweser quant notes this week also, compare/contrast.

going in order, econ starts in Nov. hope to spend a good chunk of Dec/Jan in FSA.
slow and steady here. will pick it up maybe once I get to FSA.

plyon- is qbank up for online schweser then? i think you said you started up with it already as i was looking at posts the other day. i should hop in soon to review my readings.

Master the Level II curriculum by creating custom quizzes in the SchweserPro™ QBank. Question difficulty automatically adapts to your ability level on a given topic, measuring your knowledge and keeping you motivated. Included in every Schweser Study Package.

Qbank is up

Yep… Q bank is up. Already on my way to finishing this Qbank like I did level I.

But this weekend was a bit of a wash, with some great Halloween activities with my 2 yr old son, including a wonderful fete this afternoon (complete with complimentary keg o Sam Adams), somewhere in the hood our our colleague Rowaytonite.

Gotta get back on the stick this week and start Quant (my least favorite section).

you primarily reading and studying schweser again? i finished quant using the CFA books and my brain hurt, but maybe that was just getting back in the game. I read through SS11 today in schweser and part of SS12 and it seemed about a million times easier to get through and most of the topics were covered. i’ll probably stick around in quant for 1 more week to do some qbank and finish up the schweser readings, but i honestly think i’m going to just read schweser going forward and then maybe do the end of chapter CFA questions. so unless book 2 of schweser hits my doorstep in the next week, might skip over to FI since we have that book already.

i also am not the hugest fan of quant, although with a lot of practice it seems like it’s an area on the test that is pretty easily nailed.

sam adams is good… will go down very nicely with a sox sweep tonight!

peeps, its just like long distance running.
pace yourself, start of slow, get to a steady comfy pace, accelerate at the end…. and sprint pass the “pass/finish” line

i guess im happy b/c im single, 24, no kids, and relativly little stress…..

ha the only play im getting is random pokes from facebook

I’ve quickly browsed through the fixed income stuff earlier this month and I’m going through equity quite seriously right now. By the end of November I want to be spot-on with equity and fixed income. Then in December I’m determined to tackle Economics and FSA.

January it’s Corporate Finance, Quant and Portfolio management followed by Derivatives and Ethics in February.

I plan to do this from the CFAI books.

Then early March I’ll go for Book 6 exam 1 (am) and focus on the areas where I’m lacking with the study notes, Schweser audio and video and of course the holy Q-bank. I’ll continue to do this throughout April and the first two weeks of May when I want to have completed book 6 completely.

Mid-May I’ve signed up for the BSAS exam which will be my official CFA exam simulation. Based on the outcome I’ll focus a bit more on specific areas with the questions of the specific readings in the CFAI books.

End of May: fully understand the BSAS exam questions, book 6 exams and CFAI book questions from 2006.

First week of June: CFA mock exams on their website.

Constant factor: Analystforum. My ideal tool for getting the motivation back when I need it and discuss questions.

June 7, 2008: KICK ASS on the actual exam

June 8: This guy is going on a well-deserved holiday!!!

McPass, CFA

^^ Sounds like a nice plan to me.

1. Read Schweser books by February and work end-of-book problems.
2. Take 18-week study course:
- Reread / Review Schweser before each class
- Work problems from CD
- Review note cards
3. Take Exam
4. Get Results
5. Contact Schweser for Level 3

I like #5.

I’d be so happy to see all the regulars from L1 (bannisja, ruhi, cfasf1, plyon and so many others) pass L1,L2 and L3 in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

That would be a spectacular online team effort! I’d personally fly over to the US to have a party night in which we exchange business cards with ,CFA behind everyone’s name.

Well… I’ll stop dreaming now and get back to work! I intend to finish another SS tonight.

McPass, CFA

started with corp finance a month ago. managed to read 2 whole pages. That’s like reading 15 words a day. Good luck to everyone else.

Amen mcpass! I am hoping that my strategy will be sufficient. I am reading the CFA material in weak areas, but I will not be able to hit the end of chapter CFA questions (too much). I hope the Schweser CD questions and end of book will be okay. By the way, what is BSAS exam? That may be something that I could add to my study program.


Got my books through UPS today!!! Had to pay 350 South African Rand(US$50) tho-*******s! gonna get started in Dec…doin some trading exams at the moment…can’t wait to join you guys. Peace!

Re: progress report new
Posted by: Turkish (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user]
Date: October 24, 2007 08:48AM

Projected start-date February 16, 2008.

After Level 1 Jun exam couple of months was a terrible time, i.e. rest time. Even looked through the Ethics before got the PASS notice.
Started with 2007 Schwesser notes in late July and finished with them by the end of Oct (exactly 3 months, 3-4 hours a day). Now started again from the very beginning, but now reading two sources: CFA curriculum and same 2007 Schwesser. plan to finish both of them in 3months (but now 4-5 hours a day). In Feb will do the third final 3-month rehearsal and will spend May for mock exams.
Hope to get ready by the TIME.
Sure everyone has own strategy but REally don’t share Turkish’ idea of starting in Jan or Feb.


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