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Q Bank vs. CFAI Text Questions & Book 6 vs. Book 7

As there are a plethora practice questions and obviously not enough time to look at everything, what is the consensus on:

1. The Q bank vs. CFAI end of chapter text book questions? I noted that CFAI has sections including past exam questions in the text books.

2. Schweser Practice Exams Volume 1 vs. Volume 2 (formerly books 6 and 7)? Volume 2 now has a section including past exam questions as well.

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1. I suggest doing both the CFAI questions and the QBank. The CFAI questions are a must since they are supposed to be similar to what you will see on the exam. If you have time issues, I find the QBank are convenient for reviewing the topic areas during the lunch hour at work. That’s 5 hours per week of running through questions over and over.

2. I’ve heard from other candidates that Volume 2 is the real deal. Questions are harder than the standard Schweser variety and more in line with CFAI-type questions.

Hope that helps

Along similar lines, what about the following resources:

1. Stalla practice exam book. Does it have good explanations for the problems? Recommended?

2. Analyst Notes. Any good? I did a few questions and they seem a little basic.

3. Allen Resources Testbank. Has anyone used this QBank competitor?

Does anyone know if Schweser’s Q Bank for Level II tests in vignette form, like the real exam does?