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how many hours are you doing in the evenings?

1-2 on weekdays, 3-4 on weekends.

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I study 2-3 hours per week. Weekends haven’t been as productive as I initially planned.

maratikus Wrote:
> sorry to hear that, dinesh. hope you won’t have
> to deal with such pressure much longer

Thanks maratikus for the condolence and I hope to recover earlier than never and get back together (as we did at L1) and nail this L2 right on it’s head in June-08. Just need some more time and just hoping it’s not too late for L2 already.

I just paid in today.
Obviously didnt have any motivation till now. :P

Hi guys,

I’m studying 8 hours a day JUST in the weekends, i.e. 16 hours per week. Since I started in january, do you think that schedule would be enough to pass the test???


You passed Level I, you should understand what it takes to pass these exams…

Everyone studies at a different pace. CFAI recommends 250 hours - obviously this depends on how knowledgeable you are with the material. You passed Level 1, how did you do it? Level II is considered more difficult, so do the math.

Thanks so much for you special kindness, jalmy8!

You should win the CFA Sweetness Academy Award 2008! :)


10 mins on average since last week :)

1-2 h on weekdays

3-4 Sat and Sunday so, depending on the topic between 12 and 18 hours per week,

jmho but over 20 h/week right now and there could be a danger of burnout,
by May most of us will be in such a state we won’t care who we p*ss off and will be studying constantly.

I have not started yet! for June 2008 L2.

Seems everyone is averaging 1-3 hours per night and 3-9 hours (x2) per weekend. I guess that is what one realistically can do when working full time. It’ll be worse later on…

Definatley didn’t meet my plan this weekend!

about 2 hours each weekday and 7+ per day on weekends. I log my hours and study progress in a spreadsheet, so that i have an accurate idea if i’m sticking to my goals and whether i need to pick up the pace. Its a holiday tomorrow if you’re in alberta (family day) woooohooooo!!!!, so i’m pumped about the extra hours i can put in.

2 hours/day weekday with Wednesday off. 3 hours/day weekend. started Feb 1. That will put me at about 250 hours. Hope that is enough. I started SS 8 today (I have not done 1&2 yet).

When you guys say like 6 hrs in the weekend. Does it mean 6 hrs straight with only small break for bathroom and food? Cuz after few years away from school I can’t stand that long hour no more. I may sit 8 hrs straight but that include a lot of DVD break in between (sometimes half-half.) I did manage to pass LI only because I had almost 10 months of preparation compare to 4 months this time.

Eh….most nights like an hour but I make up for it on the weekends. I’m going to try and 2 hours during the evenings, followed by 6 hours on the weekends. That would make 22 hours a week! Yeah, right…


I work from 8am-10pm during the week so evening studying is not really an option right now.

dmoxson Wrote:
> 2 hours/day weekday with Wednesday off. 3
> hours/day weekend. started Feb 1. That will put
> me at about 250 hours. Hope that is enough. I
> started SS 8 today (I have not done 1&2 yet).

I ususally try to do 7+ hours on each weekend day (the key word is TRY) and that’s the cumulative number of hours. I couldn’t do that straight, so i have breaks of about 30 mins between study blocks of about 2 hours each. The whole day is pretty much gone by the end of it all… life!!!! only time for the gym!

I study for 2 hrs in the morning, well am fresh in the morning..
rather than studying after work … it is better to take some pain early morning

I try to stay in the office and study after everyone leaves. So far I’ve been doing that 2-3 times a week, usually for some 3+ hours. It has helped tremendously.

2 hours a night 3-4 days a week. Then hopefully 6 hours on saturday and maybe 3 hours on sunday. Still way behind and not having it all sink it or taking the time to complete a bunch of questions after each section. Frustration building!

4-5 hours a night on weeknights, 6-10 on weekends. Started on Feb 14th, I’m in book 4 now using CFAI.

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My study schedule is as follows:

Weekdays (4 out of 5)
6 a.m. - Study 1.5 hours
8 a.m. - Leave for work
Noon - Study 1 hour at lunch
10 p.m. - Get home from work

7 a.m. - Study 3 hours
10 a.m. - Leave for work

7 a.m. - Study 5 hours

It’ll be easier when my work schedule ramps down next month.

I usually reach home at around 6….eat, shower, shave and sleep for the night by 6:30….get up at 1:30 at night and study till about 5 in the morning….then sleep for 1 hour before reaching office again at 8

weekends…somehow less than that on weekdays!!i laze off on weekends…i am just fooling myself i think!