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Question about the Calculator

Is there any reason, with respect to the TVM buttons, that when I hit 9, and then N (for instance), that the 9 would carry over to EVERY other TVM button? Meaning:

I hit 9, then I hit N. Then if I hit PMT, 9 is already there. So if I hit 5 and PMT, and then hit FV, 5 is already there. Basically, I cant seem to enter different numbers for 4 of the five buttons, to solve for the 5th. Ive never seen this problem before and maybe I just hit a button inadvertently. FWIW, there’s a tiny little arrow pointing left on top of the number for any of the 5 buttons, which I dont believe Ive ever seen before.

Help is appreciated.

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which calculator are you using? you might have to clear your TVM functions.

BA II plus, and I have cleared it. I cannot for the life of me figure out WTF is going on.

The TVM on my calculator has always functioned as you described above.

something happened similar to me once. I reset the entire calculator using the 2nd key and then +/- (reset) at the lower right part of the calculator and afterward it never came back. If that doesn’t work I’d return it.

Did your calculator drink some peach syrup too?

i think what you need to do is
press 9 then N, then press the next input say 12 before hitting I/Y, then say negative 100 BEFORE hitting PV; then 0 BEFORE hitting FV.

your pmt should then be …..closest to 18.77

when you press 9 hit N adn then press I/Y rght away you will see 9 waiting as thought it is the input you want to make for I/Y. i hope this helps

The PV, FV, PMT, I/Y, N buttons input whatever is onscreen into that memory register. Feature, not a bug.

If you are trying to display whatever is in that memory register, you need to press RCL + PV (or FV etc). If you are trying to calculate PV, you need to press CPT + PV.


dinesh.sundrani Wrote:
> Did your calculator drink some peach syrup too?

oy! why you gotta bring my poor-sticky-button-calculator into this!!??

PS: I’ll never give up those peaches..not for the CFA!! ever!!