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What will happen if you fail? (mini survey)

SkipE99 Wrote:
> how in the world did you find that?! quant?

I posted it on an earlier thread that was subsequently nuked.

Remember farley013? He sent the link to me in a personal message on the other forum around the time Daj224 was peaking. There’s a chance that it’s not him, but the similiarities cannot be ignored.

There's no brow like low-brow.

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That has got to be Daj.

Does anyone else think that he’s posting with a different handle now? He was a posting addict.

Isn’t farely John Thain’s wheelman now?

He is too busy working now to be posting on the forums. He works like 14 hours a day and studying for L2 CAIA.

ha, just read original posts…quite funny. poor timing. Have a feeling other posts like this may be appearing in the next 2 weeks.

Great stuff! Ditch, do you think he has a new alias here? just wondering about potential suspects. I personally don’t find anyone annoying as daj was.

Cheers bro

Daj may be around, but not as his old self. One could spot his posts by a complete disregard for spellcheck, grammar, and text messaging abbreviations.

If he is around, he has sure polished up his act. In my opinion though, he is gone. He got that sell side job and said so long to AF.

^ agreed.


Can’t believe this thread has just been collecting dust for nine and a half months … Bump!

(\ /)
( . .)

hope every have passed level 2. 

Kuromusha = Daj!!???