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Pass only using CFAI?

wow, that is an awesome amount. i just would not be able to do that much!

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I understand there is a strong consensus that the Level II exam requires knowing the details that Schweser/Stalla/etc. overlook and that Q-Bank is geared for the Level I format and doesn’t have the vignettes of Level II. Given this, I will not get Q-Bank for Level II. Based on what I have read, I agree that going through the CFAI textbooks and all of its questions and examples is essential.

However, aren’t the CFAI textbooks difficult and long to read? I found that to be the case in Level I, I found the Schweser Secret Sauce extremely valuable. In fact, reading the CFAI textbook was causing me to fall behind schedule, and I had to rely on the Secret Sauce for most of the second half of the readings.

What I’m thinking of doing is quickly reading the CFAI textbooks (and getting partial understanding) of the material from August through October, buying Schweser Notes in October (when they become available) to get all the basics down, and then go read the CFAI textbooks again to fill in the gaps that the Schweser Notes missed. What do you think of this plan?

Despite the advice to wait until January or February to start studying, I’m not doing that. Given that I need a much better understanding of the material for Level II than for Level I, this doesn’t seem like a viable option, especially since I work full-time and don’t have 8 hours a day to devote to studying. Spreading the studying out and taking a more leisurely but more sustained pace works better for me than trying to cram it all in at the end.

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