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CFA Level II Forum

Topic Started by Replies Activity
QBank % of Complete and Score aw137 30 plyon
Diminishing marginal rate of retention mcpass 9 mumukada
Futures/Forwards ilvino 6 mwvt9
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Good news, bad news plyon 30 plyon
Should I quit? Lichi 30 preetchawla
havent started yet gurjeet 31 Sponge_Bob_CFA
Formula week slouiscar 33 grace grace
Candidate Survey jasonindc 52 l2djae
Parity relationships jbisback 3 dinesh.sundrani
HOURS STUDIED SO FAR? N.VanCandidate 42 nicolargol
Time Off lxada269 27 prabhashverma
Two items getting a lot of love in the notes thepinkman 2 plyon
Strategy for final review clama 26 Bacaladitos
Best day ever? mwvt9 15 Robb
Volume 3_letters 32 Slash
emerging markets nikko0355 10 storko
Crossroads- Fight or Flight? mwvt9 17 storko
Econ fiesta! dinesh.sundrani 12 maratikus
Exam tickets ? ozaj 3 Red
How many hours? Smarshy 22 TVnerd
AF countdown mwvt9 20 ng30
I need the scheweser question bank level II 2008 urgently at a reasonable price from those who bought it. Please email to discuss. Thanks! caoarthur0914 11 HooYaa
Rude Awakening jasonindc 24 dinesh.sundrani
CFAI practice level II jpm351 4 cfasf1
Strategy going in to last 30 days ChrisV 19 ChrisV