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CFA Level II Forum

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Just think... chrismaths 9 chrismaths
2009 Exam format change devsathe 47 projectplatnyc
The Official "Calling It" Thread 2008 Mandelbrot 55 Deleted User
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feel like ethics is going to do me in cfasf1 18 Deleted User
Most frustrating mistake? Dwight 49 Usif
Pass/Fail? london1 15 akanska
AFJunkie999 AFJunkie 62 Bleeck
I passed CFAdummy 16 Bleeck
Ethics--finally settled!!! Lumiere_1979 59 bannisja
So what company do you work for? WYM 2 CFAchief
Lurkers? bannisja 51 uejjap
Does CFAI trying to prove a point here? born2b 21 wzupdok
nerds at the exam? programmer 42 uejjap
Official Thread: Wwhat book to read from now to Dec? WYM 49 Deleted User
Music - What song will you . . . kellyima 37 LICandidate
Thoughts on Schweser Q bank for L2 saurya_s 12 Hurricane
Oldest Level 2 Candidate WYM 61 level1_dec
Dear Level2, ssdnola 23 mikebc1
is this wildly optimistic? cfa passing grades westbruin 8 Deleted User
Edjumacation storko 50 PhabPhour20
CFA Designation Vs. MBA degree noytmikcap 48 Danteshek
analyst forum survey cfa_b'more 5 Deleted User
right time to start L2 aquabu 11 chadtap
Will Schweser alone get me through FRM? rekooh 11 MehdiOchre
Today I accepted a new job offer... plyon 24 cfabermy