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CFA Level II Forum

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Good news after the exam zizoubleu 13 imcrnhlio1
Email regarding CFA zizoubleu 2 YeeS_Mos10 years ago
Futures vs Forwards zjunyuan zjunyuan6 years ago
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How CDS(Credit Default Swap) works? Zlebasi7 2 Zlebasi74 years ago
Total pension cost effect on CF zmadbak zmadbak5 years ago
-ve Delta zmadbak 7 S2000magician5 years ago
CFA mock exam Ready Power zmadbak zmadbak5 years ago
Here's to the spouses and kiddo's zneward 33 PositiveOutlook8 years ago
starting too early? Zombie71 8 blueuser11 years ago
Pension Accounting- Amortization Period? Zombie71 5 darkhelmet11 years ago
things not explicitly mentioned in the LOS Zombie71 2 jabroni11 years ago
Triangular Arbitrage Zombie71 11 ruhi2211 years ago
FX question - Schweser Book 1 pg. 103 Zombie71 1 kabhii11 years ago
Asset Market Approach - Schweser question Zombie71 2 Zombie7111 years ago
EV/EBITDA Multiple Zombie71 3 Zombie7111 years ago
too busy at work to study... Zombie71 26 Black Swan11 years ago
error in the free CFAI practice exam (spoiler) Zombie71 8 Slash11 years ago
Schweser exam solutions? Zombie71 5 Zombie7111 years ago
Specific question on Practice Exam #2 (spoiler) Zombie71 4 McLeod8111 years ago
my (disappointing) thoughts on the exam Zombie71 8 hk11 years ago
how does this make any sense... Zombie71 11 cfasf111 years ago
Interest Rate & Exchange Rate zombie7e7 4 dashingdude11 years ago
Re evaluation zombie7e7 zombie7e711 years ago
Need Advice. zoo32 6 skylancer9 years ago
Schwesser LII QBank Depth zoser55 3 jhwang71111 years ago