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CFA Level II Forum

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Important Information about Your ... 125mph 1 alcor1 year ago
Get your L2 questions answered from the developers of the exam. 125mph 125mph5 months ago
Test for 2019: 18 item sets of 6 questions, 3 itemsets with 4 questions 125mph 2 sydneyguy5 months ago
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Math question. Using CDF to find expected value. 125mph 2 125mph1 month ago
Missing Motivation 1337 5 maxmeomeo7 years ago
Calculating FCFF from EBIT - Interest Tax Shield 17goldenratio 4 S2000magician10 months ago
Past service cost vs actuarial gains/losses 1jduanmu 5 cfa_mixer5 years ago
Required return using build-up model 1jduanmu 1 Kman20015 years ago
How to deal with interest rate? 1jduanmu 3 S2000magician5 years ago
reclassification of Held-to-maturity, held-for-trading, and held-for-sale 1jduanmu 2 broadex5 years ago
Binomial Option Pricing (European or American) 1jduanmu 4 1jduanmu5 years ago
Vignette first or question first? 1recho 11 el_macca177 years ago
Did first mock today score at low 50s... 2000wake 4 johnnyBuz7 years ago
New and modified topics for level 2 2004028 5 Chuckrox88 years ago
Shweser Qbank: Corp Finance question 2004028 2 20040288 years ago
Calculation Heavy sections 2004028 6 KSTHANE8 years ago
Value of Equity using EV/EBITDA Multiple 2004028 7 MrSmart3 years ago
Market segmentation theory ...Preferred Habitat Theory 2004028 1 leveltwo8 years ago
Schweser QBank Inter-Corp Investment Q 2004028 1 Iginla20108 years ago
Is it a typo or is that the way it is? 2004028 12 The Righteous H...8 years ago
simple interest or compound interest for swap? 2004028 4 ftwcfa8 years ago
FCRP calculation 2004028 4 ftwcfa8 years ago
FRA Q-bank questions 2004028 2 brainwasher8 years ago
just passed L1, L2 candidate for Jun 2008,is it possible 2008GL 2008GL11 years ago
Is anyone here like me: don't have a job, waiting for the 2008GL 21 Bleeck11 years ago