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CFA Level II Forum

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Reading 31:- The five competitive forces that shape strategy (Wiley Qbank) 300hoursoverand... 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
Linear trend models-are the residuals supposed to be correlated over time? 300hoursoverand... 1 tickersu3 years ago
How do we actually determine the t critical values? 300hoursoverand... 7 Flashback3 years ago
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Portfolio Management-Macroeconomic factor model 300hoursoverand... 2 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
EOC derivatives- Forward markets and contracts 300hoursoverand... 5 S2000magician3 years ago
FRA- Derivatives 300hoursoverand... 3 Flashback3 years ago
EOC derivatives- Forward markets and contracts 300hoursoverand... 1 cpk1233 years ago
Derivatives- Futures and futures markets EOC q3 300hoursoverand... 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
Time to expiration-delta for a put option 300hoursoverand... 16 Flashback3 years ago
Topic test- Level of difficulty 300hoursoverand... 4 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
FI- Arbitrage Free Valuation- EOC-Question 4 300hoursoverand... 3 S2000magician3 years ago
Ratchet Bonds-Contingent Put 300hoursoverand... 7 S2000magician3 years ago
NOPLAT calculation 300hoursoverand... 4 Yayyywork3 years ago
EOC- q20 Mergers and acqusition (corporate finance) 300hoursoverand... 1 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
Eoc- q1 effect of increase in int expense on FCFF (Reading 35 FCF valuation) 300hoursoverand... 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
FRA calculations- round off errors and how to deal with them 300hoursoverand... 2 Officialmax903 years ago
Derivatives mock exam question. 300hoursoverand... 6 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
The ones without any hope. 300hoursoverand... 9 300hoursoverand...3 years ago
Countdown in weeks to results week 300hoursoverand... 14 bfry3 years ago
Economics - Reading 14 Example 15 300hoursoverand... 1 Harrogath2 years ago
Accessing the curriculum after registration? 303171 4 3031716 years ago
Decimal places 3101286 7 sgupta08277 years ago
CFAI Level 2 Books in NYC 3rd & Long 3rd & Long10 years ago
From band 2 to pass... 3rdyearinlevel2 6 babyik3 years ago
3rd Time or Get Life Back? 3XaCHARM 20 big bla10 years ago