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CFA Level II Forum

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"Equity" clarification... include retained earnings? akanska 5 ahmadmaghfur11 years ago
"ERRATA" - FRA CFAI B2 tigas 2 tigas9 years ago
"Ethics" - designations must always be used as adjectives, never as nouns JZA 4 S2000magician4 years ago
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"Euro:$" vs "$/Euro" CFA.Rhythm 15 wyantjs11 years ago
"excellent soft dollar trading desk" lzhao 1 cfaboston2810 years ago
"Excercise Rate" in Swaptions (#63, page 287, Example 7) Robert A 2 Robert A8 years ago
"Expected ROE" the show NY the show NY9 years ago
"Expected ROE" = Required Return? the show NY 7 nicob9 years ago
"Figuring out" what will be on the exam iregula 12 Bradleyz10 years ago
"Financial Reporting Quality" notes required hinsafdar 12 ameeralam7865 years ago
"I'd buy Willa Cather a beer": The most talented writer on AF? kaveh_nobari 4 dp0135 years ago
"invested capital", "total capital" akanska 5 nattyg11 years ago
"Is U.S. Borrowing for Consumption?" BethesdaCFA 6 adavydov710 years ago
"Market Model" dinesh.sundrani 1 jbisback11 years ago
"net asset or liability" vs "an asset and a liability"? PENSION gulfcfa gulfcfa8 years ago
"Net Income from continuing operation" vs "Net Income" the_tank 9 Zinn6 years ago
"Passed all 3 all levels on first attempt" Does it matter? weighingmachine 31 stt000072 years ago
"Passivation Phenomena" - key to passing L2 in one week spunboy 21 sooraj7 years ago
"Perfect" score club ndssguy 27 Butterich9 years ago
"principal trade" vs. "agency trade" happyluckyhana 2 daneyh5 years ago
"PUFE" - peter olinto keeps referring to it tikkigod 17 swaptiongamma10 years ago
"Real" Spot Rate ShurmonMcCoy 8 westbruin11 years ago
"Retirement Benefits Paid" - meaning? + long term rate of return does not impact benefit obligation? CFA5ever 1 Sagacious6 months ago
"Rolling Down the Yield Curve" Hydrogen 5 AmruthSundarkumar3 years ago
"Seasoned MBS" mpearc4 2 kobi6 years ago