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"The highest ethical standards" Harrogath 6 Harrogath3 years ago
"there is no tax savings from an impairment" the_tank 8 S2000magician6 years ago
"Time to expiration" does NOT equal theta? the show NY 10 supersharpshooter10 years ago
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"total capital" question dynamutt dynamutt10 years ago
"Trading" securities yesofcourse 2 Iddy2 years ago
"Transitional" was Correct! jryan 109 philip.platt9 years ago
"Translation Effect" vs "Translation Gain" vs CTA rellison 1 swaptiongamma10 years ago
"Trying to make it work, but man these times are hard..." CFAfatso 16 symbian6 years ago
"Working Capital" and "Net Working capital" deriv108 3 skillionaire10 years ago
"You look tired" Spanishesk 12 nycag048 years ago
"You May" message NorthernCFA NorthernCFA10 years ago
# crunching, 2 stage DDM/FCF jgrandits 2 Thecodont8 years ago
# of calculations on exam starbuk 6 starbuk8 years ago
# of Days Used in Derivatives demmel 4 best_seller2499 years ago
# of digits? Mosstastic 14 FratBoyDeluxe4 years ago
# of Hours studied so far? N.VanCandidate 12 allépourpêcher11 years ago
# of pages Level2 2008 russian 8 highparkcfa11 years ago
# of significant digits / rounding lammy 3 lammy4 years ago
# Qs on exam boost 8 kevincwang10 years ago
#1 Wadgett TT Eq - 7 MikeHams 3 margarinet2 years ago
#34 CFAI MOCK AFTERNOON sativa sativa6 years ago
#37 AM CFAI Mock 2013 mar-mar 5 jcjc06025 years ago
#50 --CFA Mock Exam #2 cdawg12 6 cdawg1211 years ago
#89410 apcarlso apcarlso10 years ago
$$$ to pesos this is on the exam... jgrandits 13 homie8 years ago