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CFA Level II Forum

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1. What subject are you most worried about? 2. How many vignettes are you doing per day? CFA.Rhythm 20 RahulMulchandani
1.5 months for CFA Level II if unemployed rinkicfa 12 rinkicfa7 years ago
1.5 months without studying! Dreary 6 sublimity11 years ago
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1.practice questions of cfa institue 2. dont see any Mock questions Sasha30 1 c4n4ry2 months ago
1/32nd : Any logic/reason behind this fractions ? Sanjay Sachdev 2 robertucla4 years ago
10 Bands SHoot85 15 band24 years ago
10 Days Left - which source to practice from? Zigzag 3 cfaretaker3 years ago
10 Questions - FRA Damil4real 16 Dreary9 years ago
10 study days until exam day... study plans ?? JuniorCk8 25 twiles6 years ago
10% Corridor DanLieb 7 TheChad10 years ago
10+ weeks before results... bos_IT_guy 5 jal10 years ago
100 days jut111 15 panny14510 years ago
100 Days Plan/Schedule geranimo75 10 geranimo759 months ago
100 Days to exam and still on Financial Reporting wasini 2 JZA2 years ago
100% Correct on the exam JustWACCit 5 MagicHat4 years ago
100% independent audit and compensation committee? Analyst11 3 Shauncore6 months ago
100% on the Exam, Possible? MichaelInOklahoma 25 disptra11 years ago
100%? 3_letters 8 aladak11 years ago
1000% from here to the end SkipE99 11 Aimingfor100%10 years ago
1030 and still no result. am i PCPd? Ii didnt do anything Tommyjohn 17 stt000072 years ago
10am on Tuesday 3_letters 3 bannisja11 years ago
11 components of ROS tau281290 3 forumusernew3 years ago
11.j Balance of Payments - impact to currency during trade deficits startuppivot 7 S2000magician11 months ago
11.k Mundell Fleming and capital mobility startuppivot 2 Harrogath11 months ago
116 hrs so far... SkipE99 30 jankynoname10 years ago