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CFA Level II Forum

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Unlevered Beta / Effective Tax Rate with Negative pre-tax Income SorcererMikey 2 S2000magician1 week ago
Capitalizing a cost - Balance Sheet Thammer 12 Harrogath1 week ago
CFA level II >70% in all topics JusticeMD 4 Arthur Yao1 week ago
Drill all the fundamentals with Wiley's CFA experts Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf and others.
Tobins q chapter 10 example 4 blue box .The solved equation athe end doesn't equal 1.64 what Am I missing .the antilogarithm? Jackass5 Jackass51 week ago
Please help me with these blue box CFA examples for Economics pizzle012345 3 S2000magician2 weeks ago
Price and value FloFromParis 3 self_employed2 weeks ago
At which university did you study and what was your course? Mr RS 36 John_J2 weeks ago
Mark Meldrum or IFT videos? John_J 3 rexthedog2 weeks ago
Wiley vs. Kaplan Schweser Bondo 2 Bondo2 weeks ago
Initial Investment Outlay moxnguyen 12 Flashback2 weeks ago
Information Coefficient vs Correlation Coefficient Tartaglia 4 Tartaglia2 weeks ago
How/what did you create notecards for on ethics? keep_running 2 vn_shankar12 weeks ago
could anyone share Level I notes seekingbeta seekingbeta2 weeks ago
My Notes... Based on 2017 CFAI Material Frankliving 161 CMack2 weeks ago
Enterprise Value calculation Codtrawler87 9 Flashback3 weeks ago
Valuation Filter keep_running 2 Flashback3 weeks ago
Par rate vs yield to maturity 4 Samsonite3 weeks ago
Wiley 11th Hour Review & Formula Book AtticusFinch03 AtticusFinch033 weeks ago
ROCE V/S ROIC saurabh03121992 1 Nenorr3 weeks ago
Ommission Error keep_running 3 tickersu3 weeks ago
Consequences of Regression Assumption Violation moxnguyen 1 tickersu3 weeks ago
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CFA Level II Curriculum Changes from 2017 to 2018 wasini 15 endruster3 weeks ago
CFA Level ll June 2018 Preperation Romaithi 2 Romaithi3 weeks ago
Reading 10 EOC Questions 3 & 4 captiandeadpool 2 captiandeadpool3 weeks ago