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so i haven't begun studying at all. is there still hope? surs 3 dasstienn2 days ago
CFAI mock PM question 18 Analyst11 2 JPEREZAR2 days ago
Why is there negative covariance between future bond price and intertemporal rate of substitition? iceman_1212 1 JPEREZAR2 days ago
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2020 L2 Prep aahmed 3 AyrshireAnalyst2 days ago
Cobb douglas Freejaffacake 6 qcw5123 days ago
Why do we subtract AI(T) when computing Fo(T) of bond futures sharadkapoor 1 Julio773 days ago
Question re: accrued interest on bond futures iceman_1212 1 Wal-E4 days ago
How do you go about answering FRA questions? iceshift iceshift4 days ago
Why is the movement in a binomial tree 50% up or down? iceshift 11 S2000magician5 days ago
commercial real estate imthekingoftheworld 5 Tolu Dipo5 days ago
Insider trading and mosaic theory iceshift 6 breadmaker5 days ago
What is the difference between segmented market theory and preferred habitat theory RickSanchez 2 Julio776 days ago
CFA Topic Tests mdlynch3 1 akshitf56 days ago
What discount rate to use? iceshift 1 iceshift6 days ago
Learn Corp Fin through just questions? pejp pejp1 week ago
Pairs Trading Strategy keep_running 4 Tolu Dipo1 week ago
CFA EoC Qs - No time..? Tez4715 5 Tez47151 week ago
CFAI online Fixed Income-Wingaersheek Arbitrage Opportunities Case Scenario luganoVC 3 sydneyguy1 week ago
effective convexity imthekingoftheworld 1 S2000magician1 week ago
Test for 2019: 18 item sets of 6 questions, 3 itemsets with 4 questions 125mph 2 sydneyguy1 week ago
IFT - 2019 hope2014 5 125mph1 week ago
Fixed income security as portfolio of zero coupon bonds? iceshift 1 S2000magician1 week ago
Quants- Multicollinearity aparnake 9 aparnake1 week ago
Synthetic CDO estimator 1 Sweep the Leg1 week ago
Quants- Forecasting return aparnake 1 S2000magician1 week ago