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CFA Level II Forum

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Those who wrote L2 exam -quantitative versus qualitative questions vn_shankar1 5 vn_shankar11 week ago
NPV, DCF valuation cnacpatrick 12 Candidcam2 weeks ago
Ytm considering fees relating to Bond issue FloFromParis FloFromParis2 weeks ago
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MPS regarding Gauthamvm 8 arbguy2 weeks ago
Road to Level II Mr RS 19 Iprofit4sure2 weeks ago
Anyone receive email from CFAI : Building on History? teddybk 3 Black8Mamba232 weeks ago
Available for Sale vs. Held for Trading studyguy18 5 lumscx2 weeks ago
CDS spread and price Only5mia 5 lumscx2 weeks ago
A Lot of Empty Seats... hbeytollah 17 THE_REAL_Black_...2 weeks ago
Those who studied mainly from Schweser material vn_shankar1 19 THE_REAL_Black_...2 weeks ago
Probability of passing CFA exam - VBA Code PierreCFA 12 PierreCFA2 weeks ago
CFA guidelines on Exam Process/Grading rexthedog 1 rexthedog2 weeks ago
General Ethics Topic FOHF493110 9 FOHF4931102 weeks ago
Exam weight! TheZealer 7 arbguy2 weeks ago
Ethics Question. Kotausi_77 23 Kotausi_772 weeks ago
WACC Alex N 14 thanhnguyen5042 weeks ago
Multicollinearity shrutic 20 tickersu2 weeks ago
YUUUGE difference btw a 63% and a 65%: An honest dialogue about the MPS Tommyjohn 9 Momoe7862 weeks ago
CFA Society Boston Level II 2017 Mock Exam Marinos1003 14 MunicipalBob2 weeks ago
Anyone want to sell me their L2 CFAI texts? Black Swan 4 ewu03102 weeks ago
Best possible way to prepare for Level 2 vn_shankar1 9 vn_shankar12 weeks ago
Best of luck Jolie 3 Jolie2 weeks ago
Error in Schweser, the Intenational Parity Relationship chart PierreCFA 1 PierreCFA2 weeks ago
Good Luck Everyone hbeytollah 15 booboo813 weeks ago
Carry Trade - when to use Bid or Offer longhc 5 CFA Nymph3 weeks ago