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CFA Level II Forum

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Reclassification of Investment Hanuman 2 S2000magician2 weeks ago
CFA Level II- Real Life Supplemental Reading DiversifyYoBonds 9 Radnor802 weeks ago
Holding Period Return iceshift 1 Harrogath2 weeks ago
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ROIC ROCE analystdude 7 n_jaya2 weeks ago
Quant- Conditional Heteroskedasticity vs Serial Correlation SidneyvsCFA 4 tickersu2 weeks ago
Prepsmarter vs AdaptPrep BW10 2 BW102 weeks ago
Economics gargijain 2 gargijain2 weeks ago
Resume entry readytopass 22 studyguy182 weeks ago
Converting Par to DF to Spot rates ERFInvest18 ERFInvest183 weeks ago
All blue box and EOC problems within 3 months keep_running 1 Black8Mamba233 weeks ago
Has anyone used Fintree Videos? Shami 5 abcxyz1234563 weeks ago
Schweser Notes L2 Package MatchesMalone 1 MatchesMalone3 weeks ago
Starting early - just noticed classes start on Oct 15 midtowneast789 midtowneast7893 weeks ago
Goals till June 2019 AbhiJ 5 CEO10K-DAY3 weeks ago
Hardest topics to study for LII exam? Pacheckio 20 CEO10K-DAY3 weeks ago
Could anyone please clarify more the concept of Predicted P/E .. Thank you! Abdulfattah 2 PreDRaR663 weeks ago
Written or typed notes? Which worked best for you? cfageist 9 Heyitsme4 weeks ago
Printing Readings from VitalSource Büffel 2 sydneyguy4 weeks ago
Recent CFA Charter Award: Words of encouragement for L2. mglasses5 4 Büffel1 month ago
Is it true that level 2 and level 3 exams will be twice a year? implied volatility 9 PreDRaR661 month ago
anyone know where i could find a quick sheet that would have the LOS information for each section for 2019? keep_running 1 Harrogath1 month ago
Prep Provider Toronto fazalA 4 S2000magician1 month ago
Anyone studied 1000 hours for CFA Level 2 ? AbhiJ 26 BW101 month ago
Question about Yield and Modified Duration concepts and using a real world example tyros2 5 Harrogath1 month ago
Rahul Roy's Celebration Evening I'd buy Willa C... 55 oakwood421 month ago