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CFA Level II Forum

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a conceptual question about equity market singlesong80 26 Sponge_Bob_CFA10 years ago
CAPM vs. APT Question wanderingcfa 16 JoeyDVivre10 years ago
Where are you focusing? trek7000 21 maratikus10 years ago
"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada
Current Account and Expansionary Fiscal and Monetary Policy LordJeffrey 7 LordJeffrey10 years ago
Did the CFAI changes change your prep style? JeffSahib 4 pacmandefense10 years ago
eurobond calc pacmandefense 8 ilvino10 years ago
refi pacmandefense 13 mwvt910 years ago
Simple Question on : Term Structure and Volatility of Interest Rate singlesong80 13 mike002110 years ago
Proof of the intercept mwvt9 16 budfox42710 years ago
How does an employer know if you passed? amungur 5 mcpass10 years ago
One basic Quant question mcpass 4 JoeyDVivre10 years ago
Schweser Equity Self Test Question Help aselifu 2 wongie10 years ago
schweser online course cfasf1 17 mcpass10 years ago
Toronto 3- day seminar Argie Argie10 years ago
American Vs European options Wa_Wa 7 ilvino10 years ago
Quant question mwvt9 12 mwvt910 years ago
WACC walkthrough trek7000 6 malnoll10 years ago
Equity question: ex ante/holding period return grace grace 8 bannisja10 years ago
One-Period Binomial Arbitrgage Wa_Wa 1 darkhelmet10 years ago
Two More Ethics Qs ruhi22 17 mcpass10 years ago
discussion of parity maratikus 4 mcpass10 years ago
encouragement? i think not. cfasf1 28 mcpass10 years ago
Mac compatible question from Level 1 amberpower 5 buddha10 years ago
Need to be scoring 80-90% as a minimum on practice exams?!? Hermz 20 mcpass10 years ago
principal only strip pacmandefense 5 mike002110 years ago