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CFA Level II Forum

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overpriced put option akrushn2 16 S2000magician8 months ago
Annual unit credit h21 13 bananass8 months ago
Purchase vs. the acquisition method keep_running 1 S2000magician8 months ago
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CFA curriculum Jackass5 Jackass58 months ago
Is curriculum eoc enough to pass? DunderMifflin DunderMifflin8 months ago
Residual income Yeolmae 2 Yeolmae8 months ago
SPE bananass 5 S2000magician8 months ago
NPV vs. EAA analysis keep_running 9 cpk1238 months ago
Total periodic pension cost - questions keep_running 7 S2000magician8 months ago
net pension asset/liability keep_running 5 S2000magician8 months ago
share repurchases and Gordon Growth Model? sinep 2 sinep8 months ago
why do we have to reclassify shortfall in total periodic pension cost from CFO to CFF? keep_running 4 S2000magician8 months ago
Los 20(b) - figure 7 - how ratios are calc. Par11 Par118 months ago
Interest rate parity conditions foshizzle 1 S2000magician8 months ago
Reading 21: Question 2 (Profit margin in Temporal vs. Current) Kingpin804 3 bananass8 months ago
Segmented Markets vs Preferred Habitats probstytoasty probstytoasty8 months ago
CFAI topic tests hope2014 1 MunicipalBob8 months ago
EVA vs Economic Profit 125mph 1 S2000magician8 months ago
Hip Surgery keep_running 5 Ms18 months ago
Why don't we deduct tax from EBIT to derive FCFF? girl1555 2 girl15558 months ago
FCF vs FCFF 125mph 1 S2000magician8 months ago
Current Rate Method - Net Income keep_running 1 CFready8 months ago
LOS 38 Expected loss vs PV of expected loss CFready 1 CFready8 months ago
Derivatives Yeolmae 11 thanatos03208 months ago
FCFF calculation girl1555 8 thanatos03208 months ago