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CFA Level II Forum

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Do you plan to read about FAS 123(R)-ACCOUNTING FOR STOCK-BASED COMPENSATION: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY? boston_level2_c... 1 Black Swan10 years ago
DDM q slouiscar 21 Niblita7510 years ago
CAPM Assumptions grace grace 4 dmoxson10 years ago
"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada
Poison Pill/Flip in Pill TheDubs 1 lola10 years ago
Question on DTL cfa_newyorker 10 monki10 years ago
Dare I ask...PM thepinkman 3 Squirrel2410 years ago
Corp Fin Q patkeenan 12 maratikus10 years ago
Intercorporate Investment Q. Wa_Wa 5 maratikus10 years ago
2006 CFA exam vignette-style questions... is it just me? orm 2 thepinkman10 years ago
Explosive root avnx 6 avnx10 years ago
swiching between subjects wonder2008 3 grace grace10 years ago
All-Current / Temporal storko 2 storko10 years ago
Bonding costs chinni234 1 JoeyDVivre10 years ago
FIFO Vs LIFO and Appreciating vs Depreciating LC [MNC Operations] dinesh.sundrani 8 addotwumk10 years ago
Inflation reducing tax saving on depreciation chinni234 1 ilvino10 years ago
What topics do you plan to supplement with CFAI books JCA 4 addotwumk10 years ago
Quant...Schweser vs CFAI Readings jasonindc 3 wonder200810 years ago
swaps- cfa text wonder2008 4 wonder200810 years ago
Corporate finance question from Qbank AudioSolvay 2 maaagian10 years ago
7am Saturday jbisback 20 Turkish10 years ago
FCInv for FCFE gustobub2 5 eriqnoodle10 years ago
are cfai questions alone adequate? grace grace 2 eriqnoodle10 years ago
feels like an old ethic question- and i got it wrong. cfasf1 12 lxada26910 years ago
MBS : average life vs maturity grace grace 3 plyon10 years ago
Can anyone say JCA 11 Lisa Marie10 years ago