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CFA Level II Forum

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do i read both cfa and Schweser a7m002 2 cmb7
Can anybody give advice regarding video courses? is it worth to buy them? oleg2211 2 philip.platt
QBank Experience johnnyblazini 2 JensensalphaMale
"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada
Retakers? What topics are CFAI text good for? iregula 4 SkipE99
Schweser leaves out too much? TheAliMan 4 JensensalphaMale
Schweser Online Class - Week One leveltwo 12 amitahuja
3 choices under exam questions yiyi82 4 yiyi82
How is Treynor-Black tested in previous exams? Dreary 5 Dreary
Who's studying tonight? TheAliMan 26 beingthatguy
Portfolio Mgmt - CFAI Text or Schweser, which is better? cfausa 1 beingthatguy
16 week online class TooOldForThis 6 MehdiOchre
When will you do your 1st practice exam? nirjraina 21 aquabu
L2 Ethics vs. L1 Ethics iregula 10 Goliath
Translation Q the show NY 4 niraj_a
Question for L2 retakers malek_bg 1 malek_bg
Schweser Practice Exams v1 scores crow 5 TreasExmnr
How many hours of sleep do you have ? crazyqqq 22 TheAliMan
schweser practice exams dkitty 16 SkipE99
Swine Flu amrcd1 15 Nep-hi
When are you planning on taking Mock/Samples? iregula 10 Ellejay
What's the hardest topic? Aimingfor100% 14 chedges
True Story Aimingfor100% 54 TheAliMan
Ethics: Schweser vs CFAI asd2009 9 DanLieb
Canidates making their 2nd+ attempt TreasExmnr 7 TreasExmnr
What is your age? fxguy1234 71 Freakonomist