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CFA Level II Forum

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Why are accruals considered less persistent? BMiller12 6 BMiller127 years ago
Why are asians so obsessed with obtaining as many certificates as they can? kaveh_nobari 52 Galli5 years ago
Why are financing costs ignored in capital budgeting of projects? 4yz 1 Julio774 months ago
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why are forwards better than futures? carolinesherif 4 carolinesherif1 year ago
Why are high nominal interest rates accompanied by local currency depreciation? ng30 8 ng3011 years ago
Why are Lower Persistence Factors related to High ROE? rellison 3 swaptiongamma10 years ago
Why are payer swaptions considered puts? dymke09 2 Harrogath3 years ago
Why are Stalla pages perforated? ditchdigger2CFA 10 ditchdigger2CFA10 years ago
Why are the pass rates getting lower? CFAdummy 6 DblA11 years ago
Why are these accounting warning signs? iceshift 7 iceman_12127 months ago
Why are these two BONDS questions answered differently? CFA.Rhythm 2 CFA.Rhythm10 years ago
Why are we using the average rate to convert inventory why aren't we using the weighted average rate for inventory purchases.  stuartbale1 1 AnalystDude1232 years ago
Why are you allowed to buy at the bid price here? rellison 18 philip.platt10 years ago
why aren't Schweser ?'s all vignettes?? Canadianloco 2 MehdiOchre10 years ago
Why as less money is actively managed, asset prices begin to deviate from fair values pierrewoodman_fan 2 CMLSML6 years ago
why associate dividend not affect NI linping85 4 Domb9 years ago
Why benefits paid to retirees deducted twice? Dreary 10 Dreary10 years ago
Why bother? 50% curriculum remaining :( pepp 9 theCFAway8 years ago
Why can I never feel good about ethics? Tommyjohn 9 S2000magician2 years ago
Why can't I solve POST/PRE/INV problem a different way? the show NY 13 rus1bus9 years ago
Why can't putable bonds be american-style? Rasec 4 S2000magician4 years ago
Why can't they just make the online practice tests PDF!?!? Pho6 Pho64 years ago
why capitalize an expenditure overestimate the value hw0799 5 mcf10 years ago
Why Care About Economic Cost? Pgiger 2 Auro8 years ago
Why carry benefit will lower the value of call? playstan211 2 jenjenks2 years ago